Today we will share Oppo A7 / AX7 CPH1901 & CPH1903 Firmware to repair all software damage like Bootloop, Dead After Flash, Forgot pattern, Forgot lock screen password, Forgot Google / FRP account etc. The firmware that will be shared has two types of files, Ofp Files and QFIL Files, Ofp Files are Official Firmware from Oppo, while for QFIL files extracted from the file. Here we will only share the oppo a7 firmware only, and for usernames and passwords, you should contact the service center directly.
Many users are complaining about how flashing Oppo A7 uses the MSMdownload tool, because not everyone can easily do the flashing of the OPPO A7 device and the latest OPPO with New Security, for we can use MSMdownload tool, you must already have an official username and password oppo center, please visit the Oppo service center in each city, and maybe for the cost it will not be used if your device is still in the reseller's warranty, many also provide remote flashing services Oppo device, Vivo device, please search for yourself who can provide remote flashing services

Firmware Oppo A7 CPH1901/CPH1903

Adjust it to the model of your Oppo A7 device, because there are two variants that you can see directly in the firmware series, but if you are still unsure about the firmware version that is on your Oppo A7 device, you can see it in the following way
  • Activate your device, even if the device is locked pattern / password ignored
  • Touch on the "Emergency Call" menu
  • Just dial * # 899 #
  • Select the "Software Version" menu
  • Look at the "Versions" menu
To fix all software damage you can do it by Factory reset, but if you can't do a factory reset then the last way can be by doing flashing, how to flash Oppo A7 / AX7 depending on the type of file used, for the Ofp file type using MsmDownloadTool provide in the firmware, and for QFIL the file currently does not have a tool that supports Flash this type of file, maybe in the future it can.

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